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Superior Safety

Phone: 780-826-6031 - On call service 24/7: 780-826-0279


Our safety products include fire and gas protection, first aid, protective clothing, fall protection, respiratory protection, traffic safety equipment and signage, and much more.




MetGuard logo   

MetGuard logoMetGuard logo

    metatarsal                                      straps


PATENTED TECHNOLOGY The MetGuard’s patented design makes it the most comfortable upper foot protection add-on device that compliments and fits all types of safety toe footwear. The design covers the upper foot metatarsal region and allows for the load point to sit on and transfer through the toe cap. It allows for a free movement that doesn’t restrict any movement of the user when standing, walking, running, driving or kneeling. 
LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - The specially formulated metguard material makes it both lightweight at 50 grams and durable to withstand all climates and harsh conditions. It’s so lightweight that the user does not even know that they are wearing the metatarsal protector and practically unbreakable.
USED WITH EXISTING FOOTWEAR - The MetGuard is used with the user’s existing safety footwear. It can either be easily laced onto the footwear using the existing laces or attached using MetGuard straps.
COST EFFECTIVE - MetGuard is cost-effective as it is used with the user's current safety footwear. There is no need to purchase expensive built-in metatarsal shoes when the metguard will fit all styles of safety footwear. When the footwear needs to be replaced, simply transfer the MetGuard to the new pair of safety footwear. The MetGuard is also transferable between users and a perfect way to accommodate visitors who require metatarsal protection when visiting a workplace.


14 oz/yd² low smoke Neoprene on Dupont™ Nomex®Meets FR ASTM F1891-06 Standard Specifications for Arc and Flame Resistant Rainwear. ARC rating: ATPV 13.3 cal/cm², EBTAS 40.8 cal/cm², HAF 80.6%. NFPA 70E and CSA Z462-12 arc category 2. Meets CGSB 155.20-2000 Workwear for Protection Against Hydrocarbon Flash Fire. Type 1 single layer garment. TPP: with spacer 15, without spacer 4. Meets ASTM F2733 Standard Specification for Flame Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame. Hazards. Jacket meets CSA Z96-09/ANSI 107 Class 2 Level 2 and Class 2 Level 2 when worn with pant. StarTech™ FR reflective tape. Inner and outer storm flaps/zipper closure. Hard hat sized hood rolls up in collar (sold separately). Angled collar under the chin with FR hook and loop closure. Two front pockets with flaps and FR hook and loop closure. Dolman sleeve design. Inner elastic cuffs. Tab style hook and loop cuff adjustments.


Fire Extinguishers

fire extinguishers

We carry fire extinguishers designed for protection of light and ordinary hazards, from portable extinguishers -suited for both industrial and commercial fire protection needs-, to wheeled dry chemical extinguishers -designed to protect high fire-risk areas-.

The Carbon Dioxide extinguishers provide the power to respond quickly and effectively against Class B and Class C fires, and the Water Extinguishers are designed to extinguish Class A hazards only. We handle all lables and accesories, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Gas Monitors


We are RKI, BW Technologies and Gas Clip factory authorized distributors for gas monitors designed mainly for industrial applications. They come in portable or fixed, and in single-gas or multi-gas configurations.

Our best product is the RKI GX-2009, the smallest and lightest multi-gas monitor available. Fits on the palm of your hand have detectors for combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Gas Clip Technologies develops innovative portable gas detectors that offer greater reliability, improved productivity, and better cost-efficiency.

We handle different types of monitors, single-gas & multi-gas detectors for detection of toxic gases, combustibles, and oxygen hazards. If you need more information please fill our form to contact us.

Safety Wear

 At Superior Safety, you will find whatever head protection you are looking for, from safety glasses for eyes and face shields for face protection. All the parts and accessories to keep you warm and dry while your head is protected. The safety hats or hard hats come in various types of suspensions with either pin lock or ratchet adjustment.

Our boots from North Safety, Ranpro, Baffin and Red Wing will keep your feet warm and dry while providing the highest level of safety. We know that safety is important but comfort is also important, we provide light and heavy footwear that combines safety, performance, and comfort.

We provide with all kind of gloves for your hand protection. Our selection includes leather gloves and mitts, cotton, latex, and disposable gloves. We also carry chemical resistant, high heat, and nitrile safety cuff gloves. Do not forget to wear ear plugs or ear muffs to avoid future problems with your ear because of the noise at work.

We have top quality safety harnesses, pullies, lifelines, lanyards, and anything else you might need to break your fall. Check our complete line of fall protection products, our fall arrest harnesses meet the safety standards. We offer different harness configurations, from a high-end cost to an economy line, with 3 or 5 points of adjustment.  If you need more information contact us.




The Air-Pak 75 has been the leading SCBA used by first responders and municipal and industrial firefighters since its introduction in 2007 because gives firefighters the confidence in the safety features, it is easy to use and understand, requires minimal training and low cost of maintenance. We also provide with very different types of SCBA products, filters and cartridges.






We carry traffic signs for roadwork projects and we also have lockout equipment such as ball valve lockouts, circuit breaker lockouts, and lockout tags.

We have safety clothing, equipment, and signage for your protection in traffic. We also carry safety vests, traffic rainwear, traffic markers, cones, flags, flashers, signs and more...


First Aid




We have general, auto, and boat first aid & burn treatment kits. We also have cervical collars, emergency stretchers, CPR kits, eyewash fountains, and much more.

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