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Superior Safety

Phone: 780-826-6031 - On call service 24/7: 780-826-0279

Service Calls

For fixed equipment, we can come to your site and perform the necessary services as required. Our maintenance contracts can be tailored to meet individual requirements for different environments. We service all types of fixed gas monitors kitchen fire suppression systems. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to support our customer base. This includes routine planned maintenance and urgent repairs. 


Fire Extinguisher

LVS InstallIn-Shop Services

Our technicians can take your old battered fire extinguishers and give them new life. They will repair, service, and recertify your fire extinguisher to ensure your protection. We service portable gas monitors in our shop and have a high pressure hydrostatic testing system. We also repair and recertify SCBA's, fall protection equipment, and more.


High Pressure and hydrostatic testing verify the performance of fluid pressure vessels to maintain safety standards and durability of a vessel. Once you acquire a vessel you will need to continually re-qualified at regular intervals using the Proof Testing or Hydrostatic Water Jacket Test.




NFPA 1852 mandates that all compliant SCBA be tested on a calibrated breathing machine before put into service, and at least once per year thereafter. Posi 3 USB meets the sane stringent NFPA standards as PosiCheck3.



multi channel rig rat sales and rental

FMC 2000 Mesh Controller  Wireless Mesh Network

The RAE Systems FMC 2000 is a multi-channel controller witha built-in wireless modem
designed for integration with RAE Systems’ MeshGuard intelligent network of connected
sensors. The FMC 2000 is the command-and-control element of the MeshGuard system
that gathers data and monitors alarms from MeshGuard toxic and flammable gas monitors.
The built-in wireless modem automatically links with MeshGuard monitors, and the controller
has built-in security safeguards to resist tampering.



The innovative Perma-Cyl storage system incorporates a top fill                  

float designed to allow single-hose

filling without losses.It automatically shuts off the Orca®

delivery unit for a safe and reliable fill.

• The first fill-at-site solution for packaged or cylinder gas users

• Fast filling capable

• Single hose no-loss/low-loss filling

• Automatic fill shutoff when used with Orca

• Extended holding times


Gas Detection

Superior Safety supplies the expertise in preventative maintenance, calibration service, repairs and testing for your fixed and portable gas

monitors and detection equipment. We are equipped to provide you

with a professional service and minimize the hazards in your work enviroment.



Kitchen Suppression

Inspection and maintainance of all kitchen

fire protectionequipment must be inspected

semi-annually and fusible links must be changed

when recommended, following the instructions

of the manufacturer standards and the Alberta Fire Code. This service will keep your kitchen suppression systems up to date and certified.




KITCHEN exhaust hood cleaning

Commercial kitchen Exhaust Cleaning has grown into providing nationwide kitchen exhaust cleaning services for our expanding customer base. Working with both our self performing technicians, providing hood, duct, and exhaust fan cleaning in accordance to NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. 


Fire Alarm

Installation, inspection/testing, verification and service fire alarms of all kinds need to be tested annually according to Alberta law. We employ technicians to ensure your fire alarm system is operating correctly.



Sprinkler Systems

Testing, inspection and certification of all overhead sprinkler systems to avoid corrosion or blockages over time. It is important to have your sprinkler system flushed and functioning correctly.

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